1 Time Pool Clean Ups in Tampa

We offer one time pool clean ups in the Tampa Bay area. If you have a special event planed or just don’t feel like cleaning your pool yourself, allow Premier Pool Care Tampa do the job!

Premier Pool Care Tampa

Premier Pool Care Tampa offers a variety of pool cleaning and pool repair services. We clean pools with maintenance or we offer a one time pool cleaning service.

  • One Time Pool Clean Up Services
  • Green Pool Clean up
  • DE Filter Breakdown and Cleaning
  • Gas Heater Clean out

What’s included with our One Time Pool Clean Up? At minimum we offer:

  • Brushing, vacuuming, and skimming pool.
  • Cleaning skimmer basket, pump pot and pool cleaner bag.
  • Testing water chemistry and adjusting as needed.
  • Backwashing pool filter.
  • Adjusting water level as needed.

Does your Tampa Bay pool require pool cleaning and maintenance? Hire a local Tampa Bay pool cleaning company. This will take all the stress and work away from you so you can enjoy having your pool clean and inviting all year round!

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