Weekly Pool Maintenance Schedule for Outside Pools

Taking care of a Tampa Bay area pool and keeping it clean requires weekly maintenance to keep it safe and clean. Here is our recommended weekly pool maintenance schedule for a typical outside pool in the Tampa Bay area.

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The information on this page describes typical weekly pool maintenance schedules.

Use this page as reference only. For an exact Tampa Bay pool maintenance schedule for your pool, please contact us!

Recommended Weekly Pool Maintenance Schedule

      • Empty the skimmer and pump basket .
      • Vacuum the pool two to three times a week.
        Brush the sides and bottom of your pool.
      • Remove any accumulation of debris on the bottom of the pool with a leaf scoop.
      • Remove floating debris such as leaves from the pool.
      • Clean the pools tile at the water line
        Test (and add if necessary) chlorine or other sanitizer.
      • Check that the water level to ensure it is high enough for the pool pump to operate correctly.
      • Visually inspect pool water for clarity, color and visible contaminants.
      • Test and adjust the pH level.
      • Suggested pH level Ranges:
      • Vinyl or tile Finish – 7.4 – 7.7
      • Fiberglass Finish – 7.3 -7.5
      • Gunite Finish – 7.4-7.6
      • If the pH level is too high, then adjust it down using pH decreaser. The correct dosage is located on the label. If the pH is too low, then add pH increaser. Again see labels for dosage. If the pH has dropped possibly so has your total alkalinity. Don’t correct your pH more than once a week.
      • Test chlorine levels in the pool water.
      • Free chlorine levels should be between 1-3 ppm
      • Free bromine levels should be between 3-5 ppm
      • Test and adjust Alkalinity.
      • Test and adjust Oxidizer and Stabilizer levels.
      • Check filter pressure and backwash (if required).
      • Add a preventative dose of algaecide as necessary.
      • Shock the pool as per instructions. This treatment restores the sparkle and glimmer to your pool water and wipes out germs and organic contaminants (this can be done once every 2 weeks).

Does your Tampa Bay pool require pool cleaning and maintenance? Hire a local Tampa Bay pool cleaning company. This will take all the stress and work away from you so you can enjoy having your pool clean and inviting all year round!

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