Below are some general, helpful tips on keeping your Tampa swimming pool clean and general pool maintenance.

As any owner of a swimming pool in Central Florida will know, it is very important that you keep your Tampa swimming pool clean. The first step is making sure that the water you are using in your swimming pool is safe. Match the level of maintenance to the level of pool usage. Since there is little chance you can predict your pool use, it is recommended that you do this regularly.

You will want to test the swimming pool water in the evening. Check the water before you add any kind of chemicals to the pools water. Once tested you should also test the water in the morning, before anyone uses the pool so you know that the water quality is good for the days activities. A PH level of 7.5 is probably best, that is considered to be the ideal level for swimming pool water.

Test the swimming pool water according to usage, if you use the pool every few days there is no reason for daily checks, just before you intend on using it. At some seasons the swimming pool is used more than at other seasons so make sure you adjust your pool cleaning and maintenance to the seasons and your pool usage.

Make sure you check the pool in advance to ensure a safe and enjoyable pool. Check signs of poor water quality.In general, swimming pool water should be clear and blue, anything that is not blue and clear is a cause for concern and you should simply take a close look at the water to make sure there is no algae growth or cloudiness.

Pay attention to the weather as well, different weather conditions have a significant effect on the water quality and the pool cleanness. Central Florida weather conditions can effect your swimming pool water quality as well. Strong sun reduces amounts of chlorine and rainy seasons may increase water lever or introduce parasites to the pool.

You should consider checking the water at the return flow of water to the pool, check and add any chemicals to ensure that there is effective mixing with filtered water. Regularly clean the pool surfaces including the waterline to ensure that build up of sun-oils, body fats, algae, airborne pollution and other dirt is not left to build up. The paving slabs around your pool should also be cleaned regularly with a strong Chlorine solution, and brushed away from the pool.

While pool cleaning and pool maintenance is something that at first may appear to be simple, it is highly recommended that you study the manufactures instructions, and that you consult the manual whenever faced with problems. You can also call and ask the company for advice or consult a local Tampa swimming pool maintenance professional.

Chemical agents need to be mixed with the pools water, it is strongly recommended that you read instructions carefully and make sure you mix the right amounts, be careful and use caution when dealing with chemicals, use gloves and do not inhale fumes. The pool cleaning products and chemicals should be kept away from the reach of children always, and when disposed off it should be done by a responsible adult.

If you follow all the instructions and common sense there is no reason that you will not enjoy a nice and clean swimming pool at all seasons, it is always better to know that its highly maintained and cleaned when you jump into the cool water of your Tampa swimming pool.

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