If you own a swimming pool in the Tampa Bay area, then chances are you know all the basics about how to maintain it. Here are some tips we hope that will help make your swimming pool maintenance a little easier.

Tips for Making Swimming Pool Maintenance EasierSwimming pool maintenance for people that own a swimming pool is part of their regular routine. In fact, there are pool owners that spend more time maintaining their pool than they do swimming in it.  One thing is for sure though, enjoying your swimming pool can’t be done if there are problems with it.

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, there may be a few tips that you may not be aware of that will help make your swimming pool maintenance easier, allowing you accomplish more in less time.

Pool filters are a necessity for any swimming pool but they aren’t without their shortcomings. Even if you get a good brand you may discover that dirt and debris are getting through. This has to do with the filtering system and the rate which the water is pushed through it. One way to get more of that dirt and debris captured though is to add a type of flocculant.

This is a type of chemical that will result in the small particles of dirt and debris in your swimming pool to cluster together. This means when they reach the filter they aren’t itty bitty anymore. You also have the option of using a vacuum to suck them up from the bottom of the pool. This can be beneficial as it will result in the filter being clogged less often.

Since they are larger in size they will be captured and not allowed to return to your swimming pool. Therefore you will find that the overall cleanliness of your pool has improved. This process is very easy to accomplish as well as affordable. It will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on shock treatments too as they won’t be needed nearly as often.

In order to reduce the amount of chlorine that you add to your swimming pool, you need a good quality stabilizer. You will find this reduces the fluctuations of your Ph level as well. The most common type of stabilizer used is cyanuric acid. When you add new water to your pool you definitely want to top it off with a stabilizer.

The amount you will need depends on the volume of water that the pool holds. In order to determine if your swimming pool needs more stabilizer added from time to time is to test it. This is done by evaluating your chlorine levels. Most people don’t realize that the UV rays from the sun can reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine.

With a stabilizer in place though it won’t be wasted. You won’t need to add chlorine as often as you did before. This will save you both time and money but you will still have a swimming pool that is very well taken care of.

You don’t want to add too much stabilizer though as it can have an adverse effect. You may have to drain all the water and start over again. Therefore you want to be sure you pay close attention to the charts so you only add the right amounts.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on metals either. Copper is a very common one you will find as it is used in the equipment for the pool and in some of the chemicals you will access. If you have too much copper though it can stain your pool so look for signs such as a reddish color.

If you have too much iron in the water it will result in a greenish tint developing. Sometimes even the water you use to fill up the swimming pool will contain large amounts of copper and iron.

Instead of waiting for them to stain your pool though you can do some preventative maintenance. The chemicals to use for this are known as chelating agents. You want to use them only as directed. The amounts to use will depend on the severity of the problem you have with such metals being present.

Swimming pool maintenance is part of owning a swimming pool. Not maintaining your swimming pool will result in high costs later, let alone the health issues associated with not paying proper attention to the quality of your swimming pool water.  We hope these tips help!  


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