Monthly Tampa Pool Cleaning Schedule

When it comes to keeping your pool clean in Tampa, there are a few tweaks to your monthly pool cleaning that will help keep your Florida pool clean.

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Different months in Florida means different pool problems that you can happen to your Florida pool. Keep ahead of pool challenges by changing the way you clean your pool.

First, seasonally change the way you run your pool pump. In almost all cases you will want to run your pool pump during the hottest times of the day. This means in winter you can cut down the time your pool pump is running. In most conditions, in the Summer you should run the pool pump from 10-6, while in the winter you can reduce the time your pool pump runs from 10-4.

Don’t cut down the time you run your pool pump just to save a couple bucks on your electric bill. In the long run this will only end up costing you more money to fix pool problems that may result because of it.


In Florida, this is the start of pollen season and it is important to that you vacuum your pool regularly. This is where a auto vacuum will help, but you still need to be sure to use a skim net to remove as much of this pollen as possible.

Even though it seems cool at night, it is in the heat of the day that the organic pollen will turn into algae. February is also a good time to give your pool a shock of Chlorine as well.


Algaecide. April bring rising temperatures, also increasing the temperature of your pool. Adding a quality algaecide at this time will help keep your pool clean during the summer months.

Not a bad idea either at this time to bring in a sample of your pool water and the water you use to fill your pool and have it checked for phosphates. A lot of pool problems result from a high quantity of phosphates in your pool water because they are food for algae. Phosphates can easily be removed with the proper pool chemicals.

May – October

Evaporation. Don’t confuse evaporation with a leak. Evaporation of your pool water is common in during Florida’s summer months. It is during these times that many people will mistake a pool leak as pool water evaporation. Most people may not notice a small pool leak because the Florida rain water will offset most pool leaks.

November – January

Possible Freezing. Freezing pool water can cause considerable and costly damage to your Florida pool. When you know that the temperatures will be falling down to the low 30’s and 20’s, run your pool pump! Running your pool pump during freezing temperatures will ensure the your pool water is moving and makes it nearly impossible to freeze.

There are energy saving pool pumps that have built in freezing protection that are ideal for Florida winters. Contact your pool specialist for more information and installation.

Always be diligent about pool leaks. Even small pool leak will often result in a large pool leak and it is always advised that you regularly have you pool checked for leaks. This simple preventive check-up will prevent a large repair later.

When it comes to keeping your Florida pool clean, remember these 3 keys; Circulation, Filtration and Sanitation.

If keeping your Tampa Bay area pool clean and keeping a consistent pool maintenance schedule for your pool is not for you, contact us, we offer weekly pool cleaning maintenance services.

Premier Pool Care Tampa offers 1 Time Clean UpsWeekly Pool Care and Customized Service Plans, as well as Expert Pool Repairs!

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