Pool Cleaning The Easy WayWhat is the point of having pool in Tampa Bay if you need to spend the best part of your Saturday cleaning it?

Premier Pool Care – Tampa Florida: Every year,  there are more and more automatic pool cleaners that arrive on the market. I’m sure you’ve seen some of them, like those little robots that automatically explore the bottom of your pool faithfully clean every inch of the floor of your pool over and over again. I named mine Bob. 

Today you can spend almost any amount of money on a pool cleaning system the top of the line and by far the best are the built in floor system a series of small water jets automatically pop up from the floor in a pre arraigned order and time and spray water to clean and rinse the debris in the direction of the drain and stirring up little bits to be filtered out by the filter. Obviously this in floor system is on the high end of the spectrum and is generally installed at the same time the pool is built as much planning and piping is needed to run such a system.

The other types of pool cleaners are the suction side or pressure side cleaners they operate using the filter pump. Some have brushes much like your home vacuum or small jets that direct the dirt into the onboard filter or the suction line of the main filter.

Every type of pool cleaners have one thing in common they do not clean every part you still have to clean your tile and coping by hand, that is what your kids are for right?

These robotic pool cleaners follow a random pattern and may take several hours to completely clean the pool unfortunately they will not be able to clean in corners or behind ladders.  The biggest drawback to the robotic filters is they will need to be disconnected when you want to use the pool. When the kids go swimming, they have no problem unhooking the cleaner when they want to go for a swim, but it never seems to get hooked back up.

Robotic pool cleaners use electricity to power themselves around the pool using a spinning brush to dislodge dirt and send through their onboard filter system the best part about these is they do not require the pools filter pump to be on to run, no suction or pressure lines need to be hooked up drop the robot in the pool and stand back and let it do its job.

The robotic pool cleaners are more expensive than the pump driven cleaners, but are much less expensive than an in floor system. So whatever type of pool cleaner you are looking at be sure it is right for the material your pool is constructed out of, cleaners that work good on a concrete pool may not be suitable for a vinyl or plaster pool.

Another option in Tampa Bay is to hire a local pool cleaning company. This will take all the stress and work away from you so you can enjoy having your pool clean and inviting all year round!

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