There are several common problems that Florida pools will have versus other pools from different states.

For one, the Floridian high seasonal temperatures allow Florida pool owners to keep water in their swimming pool virtually year round.

Common Florida Pool Water ProblemsOne of the most common Florida pool problems is a sudden appearance of Algae. Chances are the appearance of Algae on your swimming pool is going to happen more often than not under certain Florida conditions.

When Algae forms on your Florida pool, ask yourself, has the weather changed? Has it started to rain more? Has the temperature gone up? All of these contribute to the formation of pool Algae, and yes, sometimes it can appear suddenly.

Other common Florida pool problems will typically start to appear seasonally. For example, February in Florida starts bring the cooler weather, but it is also the harbinger of the pollen season.

Yellow Pine pollen and then soon after Oak pollen will start to settle on the surface of your pool water. It is this pollen that when left on it’s own will turn into organic waste in your swimming pool water that will help assist in Algae growth as the temperature rises early in the spring.

April in Florida is the beginning of the heat! Your pool water temperature will start to rise and this is when adding a good quality algaecide keep your pool in good shape through the summer.

Florida is a great place for a pool and you will get use out of your Florida pool almost, (if not) the entire year. To help prevent common pool problems to your Florida pool, remember there are 3 keys to keeping your Florida pool looking good!

  1. Circulation
  2. Filtration
  3. Sanitation

Premier Pool Care Tampa is a pool cleaning and repair service in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether you are needing a 1 time pool clean up or regular pool maintenance, contact us today for a free quote on keeping your Florida pool clean and beautiful!

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