5 Tips to a Cleaner Swimming Pool

by | Apr 15, 2020

A swimming pool, just like most recreational facilities, requires high levels of maintenance.

This is because it is prone to disease-causing bacteria, among other health threats. Even worse, dirty pools develop slippery surfaces making it accident-prone. So why not avoid all these by maintaining a clean swimming pool.

It’s easy to keep your pool clean, all you have to do is follow these 5 simple guidelines.


1) Skim the pool water

Skim the pool water to clean bugs, debris, or leaves using a skimmer net attached to a telescopic pole. But ensure forehand they are both thoroughly cleaned to avoid further contamination of the pool.

2) Brush the pool walls

Brush the pool walls, stairs, and floor by running over a pool brush attached to the telescopic pole over the water. Make sure to clean any dirt caught up in brush’s bristles from a previous wash for more effective cleanup. Clean the swimming pool weekly to prevent scum from building up.

3) Clean the pump basket

Remove debris from the swimming pool pump basket and remove it in case there are signs of any blockage. Huge leaves get caught in there, and they tend to absorb chlorine in the long run affecting the quality of the swimming pool water.

4) Vacuum your pool

Vacuum the pool to remove dirt particles. You can do this by use of a manual vacuum by running it across the bottom of a pool as you do it on your carpet. Or you could invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner that does all the work without you lifting a single finger.

5) Check Chemical Levels

The last step is to check chemical levels using a PH tester readily available at your local store. There are so many elements, including weather beyond your control, that affect the pool’s pH level. The advisable pH level of a pool should vary from 7 to 8. However, depending on what PH level your pool reads, you can proceed to use a PH reducer or increase. You must keep tabs on your pool’s PH at least thrice a week.


These 5 simple tips are the key to keeping a clean swimming pool. However, you could always take your pool hygiene a notch higher by adding some sanitizing chlorine tablets every once in a while.

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