3 Ways the Wrong PH Levels Ruin a Swimming Pool

by | Mar 2, 2020

Many homeowners with swimming pools do not understand the importance of maintaining the right pH levels.

The clarity of the water in the pool have all to do with the correct pH levels. If your water gets murky or hazy, it is because of wrong pH levels.

Water clarity isn’t the only problem that comes with incorrect pH levels. It can also lead to swimming pool damage that many owners have never contemplated.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to outline the three ways wrong pH levels can ruin your swimming pool and the problems that might arise from the same.

1. Low pH levels can cause corrosion

Low pH levels are an indicator of high acidity levels. In time you are likely to start seeing corrosion on the pool surface, equipment such as pumps and ladders. The etching is also another corrosive effect on concrete swimming pools.

2. Damage to Vinyl Liners

It is a problem associated with high pH levels. It leads to scaling and can also lead to the rapid aging of your liners.

3. Compromised water clarity

As mentioned earlier, the water clarity in the swimming pool is governed by the pH levels. With the wrong acidity or alkalinity, the water gets murky or flat out hazy.

Swimming pool damage due to alternating pH levels can cause a lot of stress to the owner or manager in a hotel. It shoots up the maintenance costs due to replace of worn out and destroyed surfaces. The cost goes a notch higher when dealing with corroded concrete swimming pools.

Also, the swimming experience in such pools becomes less pleasurable. You are likely to experience eyes stinging due to low pH levels, and it could lead to nasal issues. Depending on the chlorine levels, bathing suits can also be bleached in the process.

If you want to maintain the quality of your swimming pool, taking care of the pH levels is very important. You are likely to cut down on repair costs and also make it perfect for your swimming pool users. Therefore you can call on the professionals to keep the water chemistry in the right balance for an excellent swimming pool.

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