3 Causes of a Cloudy Swimming Pool and How to Fix Them

by | Mar 15, 2020

Three factors mainly cause cloudy swimming pool water.

They include mechanical, environmental, mechanical, and chemical causes.

Thus, we are going to have a look at how they make the swimming pool cloudy and how to solve them.

3 Main Causes Of Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

1) Environmental causes

Dust and pollen leaves can hold up in your filter and cause the cleaning process. Bird droppings and run-off water after a storm causes the pool water to be cloudy. Algae, a cause of murky pool water, makes the water cloudy in its early stages. Also, the direct sunlight causes the chlorine to finish fast.

2) Mechanical causes

Inadequate filtration comes from clogged or worn out filter cartridges causing slow water circulation. Also, if the filter is not long enough and the sailing filter is not appropriately fixed, it results in cloud swimming pool water. Additionally, improper circulation originates from blocked skimmer boxes.

3) Chemical causes

The chemical causes such as chlorination cause the cloud swimming pool water. Additionally, there are pH and alkalinity levels which affect the swimming pool.

Solutions To Curb The Cloudy Swimming Pool

1) Environmental solutions

To control algae, a cause of cloudy pool water, you can scrub and clean the pool by using a huge leaf net and a vacuum. Also, to remove the bird droppings, you can use the nets to remove them. In case the water is cloudy, you can use a pool clarifier to eradicate the problem. If your pool is open to sunlight, you can use the chlorine stabilizer. For run-off water, analyze the chemicals and look at the chlorine levels until it is adjusted.

2) Mechanical solutions

Cloudy swimming pool water can be solved by ensuring the return fittings are turned to face down. This helps by ensuring the water at the bottom circulates appropriately. Also, ensure the fitting systems are constantly operating for the water to remain clean. It is essential to remove components that may be blocking the filter. Additionally, you need to clean and replace the cartridge filter regularly.

3) Chemical solutions

For an outdoor pool, you can utilize chlorine stabilizer to curb the high level of chlorine. To reduce the pH level of the cloud swimming pool water, you will need a pH reducer.

In case the pH level of the water is high, you will require a pH increaser with soda ash. When the alkalinity level is high, you will need to increase muriatic acid to stabilize the alkaline levels.

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