Keep Your Outdoor Patio Cushions Attached to the Furniture

Having beautiful patio furniture that is comfortable allows individuals to relax and unwind while taking in some welcome fresh air following a busy day at work or school.

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There are many styles of outdoor furniture, and many of these furniture pieces have soft and plush cushions for added comfort. These cushions though often slip, slide and even blow away if they are not properly attached and anchored to the chair, sofa or other piece of furniture

Keeping your outdoor patio cushions attached to the furniture can become a real challenge for the homeowner trying to keep their patio and outdoor furnishings neat, in place and clean. There are some hacks to keep your outdoor patio cushions attached to the furniture that all homeowners with this problem should consider

Place Non-Slip Rubberized Mats Under the Cushions to Keep Cushions Secured

There are some pre-cut non-slip mats made from a rubberized material that can simply be placed under the cushions to keep those cushions secured to the furniture. These handy items do not require any sewing or effort, and they are incredibly affordable as well.

These easy to use anti-slip mats can be found in a number of sizes, designs and material options. This style of anti-slip under cushion aid can work wonderfully on a range of outdoor patio chairs, loungers and sofas. Even bench style seating for patio furniture choices can be made more secure with the application of this simplistic rubber cushion stay mat with no required effort or sewing abilities needed.

Simple Way to Make Ties for Patio Chair Cushions to Stop Slippage

Another terrific alternative to stop cushion slippage on patio furniture is a simple method to make ties that firmly secures pillows and cushions in place. This doesn’t require much in the way of sewing skills, and all-in-all this is a great inexpensive fix.

First gather the proper supplies:

· Tie Material – Bias Tape of 1/4″ Wide from Fabric Store

· Large Plastic Yarn Needle

· Pencil to Mark Hole Placement

· Basic Hole Puncher Tool

It also helps to use a clear fabric glue that stops material fraying as well. The ties can also be crafted from any sort of ribbon, tape or other suitable item depending on the size and weight of the cushion. Simply punch holes into cushion corner edges, thread tie through the hole and secure onto chair frame back at the leg joints or through wicker, rattan or metal scroll work openings. Typically two ties are needed near the rear of the cushion.

Creative Use of Velcro for Keeping Patio Furniture Cushions in Place

One of the best hacks for keeping your favorite patio cushions firmly attached to its chair frame is to make creative use of Velcro for a quick and easy fix. This is sold in fabric stores or retailers that sell sewing supplies. Velcro is basically a two sided textured surface that when aligned up will “stick” together.

This is easily sewn or stuck onto the surfaces with self-adhesive backing depending on the type of Velcro used. This product is used in adaptable clothing, kids shoes and many other places that need an easy-to-attach and detach secure fastener.

Velcro can be found in a number of colors, sizes and other detail choices to ensure a perfect fit and design. This can be attached directly to the cushion and chair frame, or it can be attached to a slipcover used over the cushions. Follow the washing instructions if needed to ensure that no lint or other debris ends up sticking to the surface areas which will decrease the stick action of the product.

Other Ideas to Keep Patio Furniture and Any Cushions from Blowing Away

Some yards and geographical locations have more than enough windy days or nights throughout the year. Many types of patio furniture are easily picked up and thrown around when significant wind gusts occur. Lighter weight aluminum framed furniture pieces are more likely to blow away than the more heavier furniture options like those crafted from heavy hardwoods such as teak, oak or other natural woods. Wrought iron furnishings also tend to stay put in all types of weather.

One easy trick to stop patio furniture and any cushions from taking flight is to use weighted bags that can be filled with sand. These clever options are available at home and garden centers as well as some hardware stores. These come in several sizes and weight capacities, and the homeowners simply attaches these to the bottom of the furniture piece’s legs. Simply placing a weighted sand bag onto the seat can also suffice to weight the piece down.

There are also some handy protective patio furniture covers that can be bought to cover a group of patio furnishings. The homeowner can simple drape these covers over the top of a patio furniture and the chairs that surround it. These too can be weighted for greater stability. This is an excellent option for areas that get a significant amount of storms with high wind gusts.

Homeowners can also find securing latches to anchor sectional sofa sections as these patio versions tend to detach and slide apart easily. These couch clips are great for keeping the section pieces together, and can help to hold the furniture down.

If your backyard patio tends to act as a wind tunnel often, it may help to plant hedges to buffer these winds. Installing a fence can also do the same depending on the height and material choices. Homeowners that are considering buying new patio furniture should look for ones that are heavier that helps ensure that the furnishings will stay where they belong no matter the outside weather conditions.

There are ways to attach chair cushions to just about any style of patio furniture with just a bit of thought, research and effort. Other homeowners use heavyweight storage containers made of durable rubber in which they store cushions safely when not in use.

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