It looks like Summer is upon us and that is that time of year again in Florida where the family pool is going to get much more use. Now would be a good time to brush up on a few swimming pool safety tips.

While a swimming pool can be a great addition to any home, it also has unexpected dangers that.  Knowing what these possible dangers will help you prevent accidents around your pool area.

As a pool owner, you have the responsibility of making sure everyone is safe while using it. You also need to protect the area from unwanted guests that may wander around unsupervised. It is important to realize that while having a home swimming pool can improve the value of your property, though it can also be viewed as a liability.

This means you may end up paying much more for homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you talk to your agent about this so that you know what the additional premium is going to cost you. They may recommend that you have friends and family members sign waivers before they swim in your pool. This means you won’t be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur while they are on your property. Doing so can help you to keep those homeowners insurance rates at a reasonable price.

A privacy fence that is at least seven feet tall is a good idea as well. That way you can prevent people from getting in. Many individuals won’t even know that you have a swimming pool out there either with such a fence in place. A lock on the gate to it is important as well. Children can be very curious and you don’t want anyone to accidently get in without your knowledge.

  1. Your entire family should learn how to swim very well.
  2. They should also be trained in CPR. Even expert swimmers can have problems in the water so don’t become over confident.
  3. A buddy system should be in place where no one is using the swimming pool without someone else being present.
  4. Children should never be using the swimming pool without an adult present. 
  5. Have some equipment readily available that you can toss into those in need should you need to. Doing so can help them avoid panic if they feel they are in trouble in the water.
  6. Limit the number of people that come over to use the swimming pool at any one time too. That way you can easily keep a good eye on everyone. 
  7. Make sure everyone uses sunscreen for daytime swimming as well. That will help to prevent sunburns. It will also decrease the risk of skin cancer developing.
  8. Keep the area around the swimming pool clear of debris so people don’t get hurt. Look for materials you can install that help with traction when they have wet feet. You can find plenty of ideas from swimming pool dealerships and on the internet.

The chemicals you add to your swimming pool are in place to make the water safe to swim in. If you aren’t using them like you should you could be putting people at risk. There are various types of bacteria and algae found in swimming pools that can lead to illnesses. With the right pool maintenance, you won’t be seeing that happen. People will be able to use your swimming pool without worrying about it.

Safety needs to be a priority when you have a swimming pool. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is safe in it. Doing your part will ensure you have nothing but fond memories of your time while in the swimming pool.

You may find you need to put additional measures in place too depending on your swimming pool and your home. Look for possible problems and find a good solution before they can arise. Knowing these and other home swimming pool safety tips allow your swimming pool experience to be a safe one all summer long for the entire family.


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