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Like many people, your swimming pool deck deck may be one of your favorite spaces at your home. You may spend more time on your pool deck on a seasonal basis than anywhere else in your home. With summer upon us, you may be interested in taking some steps to enhance the overall look and feel of your deck. There are some relatively simple, definitely cost-effective steps you can consider to up the appearance of your swimming pool deck.

Add a Lattice Wall

A truly simple step you can take to deck out your deck is to add a wooden lattice wall at one side. The addition of lattice work gives the true illusion of a “real wall” on your deck. Think about planting climbing roses, clematis, or some other fragrant trellis-friendly bloom and you’ll have improve privacy, increased beauty, and a fragrant addition to your deck in a relatively short time.

Take Advantage of Space Under Deck

Depending on the overall design of your home, you may be able to take advantage of the space under your deck. For example, if the design of your home permits, you could turn unused space under your deck into a comfortable additional patio space.

Place a Water Feature on the Deck

A simple and affordable water feature can prove to be a perfect addition to your pool deck. You have a broad array of options available to you in this day and age. You can select something as simple as an attractive fountain with recirculating water. In the alternative, you might want to add petit water garden in a pot or a bit larger feature in a raised flower bed added to your deck to enhance the sound of water flowing.

Add a Fire Feature

Some people go all out when it comes to adding warmth to their decks by installing a fire pit or place. This can make your deck usable even in colder weather. However, if you want to add a cozy touch to your deck, you can create your own fire bowl. For example, you can take a 10 to 12″ terra cotta container and place a 13-ounce clean burning gel alcohol fuel container in the center. In turn, the container can be surrounded by stones or even recycled glass.

Enhance Privacy

You may also want to employ some simple tactics to enhance the privacy of your pool deck. The previously mentioned lattice wall, complete with foliage, can be a great way to improve the privacy of your deck. In addition, you can do something as easy as planting a few evergreens at the end or side of your deck to create a natural blind.

Unify Your Deck with Color

At many homes, decks end up being something of a hodgepodge, lacking unifying theme. The reality is that you do not need to spend a tremendous amount of money brining a sense of unity to your deck. Indeed, you can unify your deck by selecting one or two dominate colors in decorating your deck. The color theme can carry through selected furnishings. You may also be able to follow through with the theme in the selection of plants for the space.

Add an Area Rug

One of the easiest steps you can take to deck out your pool deck is to add an area rug. For example, you may want to consider dividing your deck into swimming, conversational and dining spaces. An attractive area rug can be the center point upon which the conversational space is created.

Strategic Lighting

Yet another strategy you can employ to enhance the look and utility of your pool deck is to add accent lighting either to the pool itself, or the space around your pool.

When it comes to lighting for your pool deck, think “mood lighting.” In other words, consider lighting that adds a soft, relaxing glow to your deck after the sun drops below the horizon.

Depending on the design and structure of your pool, you might even want to consider placing at least some solar-powered lighting on or around the space.

Hang Art on the Wall or Walls

One of the most overlooked elements of many, many decks are the walls. Folks simply don’t bother to place anything on a wall or walls associated with a deck. Don’t make that mistake. Hang art on your deck wall or walls. Indeed, when it comes to art for your deck wall or walls, you can get truly creative. Because of the relaxed nature of a pool deck, you can add vibrant items to the walls that you might not consider for the interior of your home. You can be truly creative when it comes to placing art on the walls of your deck.

By employing one or more of the suggestions included in this article you will have taken a step that truly will enhance the overall appearance of your deck. You will have decked out your pool deck in a manner that the space will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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