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If you are like many people, you have issues regarding privacy at your residence. This particularly is the case in any newer developments when homes are place uncomfortably close to one another, and even more true if you own a swimming pool.

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In addition to privacy concerns, if you also are like a considerable majority of homeowners that own a pool, security and safety is a major issue as well. One step you can take to address both privacy, safety and security is to rethink the type of fencing around your pool area.

The reality is that the fence you currently have in place, if you even have one, may not fully address your concerns regarding privacy and security.

Fully Enclose Your Property

A majority of residential properties have fencing that covers the backyard, sometimes a portion of the side yards as well. More often that not, the front yard remains unfenced. When it comes to security at your home, an in-fenced front yard is example of falling short in securing your home and family.

The reality is that installing a fence that encompassed both the back and front yards represents a major step in providing comprehensive security at your residence. This is discussed in greater detail in a moment. At this juncture, it suffices to note that security experts consistently report that criminals bypass homes that have meaningful front yard fencing at a residence. “Meaningful” means something beyond a lovely white picket fence.

You may already have an amazing privacy fence in place concealing your back yard. You significantly enhance the overall privacy at your residence by extending such a fence line to encompass the front yard as well.

Enhancing front yard privacy makes that part of your property more useful to you. For example, you can engage in an array of different activities in your front yard in a more private manner. For example, your children, and others from the neighborhood, can play free from the prying eyes of strangers. (There is a security benefit here as well.)

Types of Fencing for Privacy and Security

The most affordable types of privacy and security fencing are those made of panels. The panels that comprise the primary components of these fences can be made from different types of wood or vinyl.

The typical fence used to enhance privacy and security is at least six feet in height. It can extend higher if a legitimate reason exists for doing so. However, the six feet mark typically works well and is nearly always within the height limitations of a particular community.

The one caveat could be a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association. Oftentimes, a homeowner’s association imposes height restrictions on fences. There may also be restrictions on the types of material to be used in a fence. Finally, some homeowner’s associations go so far as to place restrictions on the style of fence that can be installed at a residence. These rules exist to maintain an aesthetic harmony in the neighborhood, according to a typical homeowner’s association.

Wood fencing provides you with a good deal of variety, both in regard to appearance and cost. For example, you can install a privacy and security panel fence made from pine. This generally represents one of the most affordable wood fence options available to you today.

At the other end of the price spectrum associated with wood fences, you can select something more “upscale” like cedar. If are intent on installing a comprehensive fence covering the back and front yards of your residence, the cost of cedar may prove prohibitive. You can reduce the costs by using cedar for the panels and some other lower cost wood for the associated posts.

Brick, Concrete, and Stone

If you have a more significant budget available to you, or if you have a small sized property to fence, you can consider brick, concrete, or stone fencing. This type of fencing truly fortifies your premises when it comes to security and provides serious privacy around your home. With these benefits, for most people it is cost probative.

Negative Aspects of Comprehensive Privacy and Security Fencing

In some cases, installing truly comprehensive privacy and security fencing can come with a major drawback. The view from your home can be eliminated all together.

With that said, and as was mentioned previously, one motivation for a privacy fence is because may homes are so close to one another, privacy is a major problem. In that type of setting, you may not have much of a view from your home anyway. In other words, you really aren’t sacrificing much in the way of a view when you install a major privacy fence.

Jessica Kane is a writer forĀ VikingĀ Fence, the number one fence rental company in Houston.

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