All-Inclusive Guide for Keeping Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions Secured

Do your patio furniture cushions tend to be gone with the wind just when you are ready to sit comfortably outside? This is a familiar and annoying problem that many homeowners with patio furniture deal with on a regular basis. Part of the problem is that popular lower cost and lightweight aluminum or plastic furniture pieces do not weigh enough to stay put during high wind gusts

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It’s likely that you’ve already noticed that some patio furniture cushions tend to slide even when a person is sitting on them. There are some easy solutions for this issue. Read on for our all-inclusive guide for keeping your outdoor patio furniture cushions secured.

Consider Getting the Better & Usually Heavier Patio Furniture if Possible

Patio furniture sets and individual pieces can be found crafted out of heavier materials able to withstand adverse weather conditions and detrimental environmental factors unlike the cheaper models. Look for outdoor furniture that is constructed well from sturdier material selections such as heavy-duty steel, wrought iron, authentic teak woods and other similar heavier choices. If your patio or deck is subject to high wind gusts, purchasing these pricier furniture designs can be a simple solution that pays off in lowered frustration levels.

Invest in Some Inexpensive Under Rug Non-Slip Pads or Similar Item

This is a really easy and fast fix for keeping those mischievous cushions firmly attached to the patio furniture seat bottom frame. Simply cut the amount of pad needed, and then place it under where the cushions are situated. There is no sewing or hardware to worry about, and this method truly can work wonders. This rug pad material comes in a bag and can be found wherever rugs and other home furnishings and goods are sold.

Alternately, homeowners can also find rubber type mats that work in the same manner. It is possible to stitch down the rug mat or rubber pad for added security. This is best for furniture that is kept out of the rain such as under a canopy, awning or covered porch.

Add Some Ties to the Back Edges of the Cushions for Securing Purposes

If you have ever bought dining/kitchen room chair cushions, these items likely had similar ties already attached. These ties are typically made from narrow fabric strips, and they are easy to tie onto the seat/back portion of the chair. Typically, these ties encircle the spindles or other openings commonly found in these types of chairs.

In the same manner, homeowners can make their own patio cushion ties by finding matching fabric and cutting it into thin strips. Consumers can also use ribbon or other item for an even easier method to accomplish this goal. There are some terrific patio furniture cushions that already have these securing ties present for a convenient purchase option. The design frame of the furniture must have a way to tie off these ties for the ties to work properly.

Attach Velcro Tabs to Chair or Sofa Onto Frame & Underside of Cushion

Velcro is a fool-proof fastener that will have two sides that when placed together will then stick fast and hold the item into place. This product is found wherever sewing supplies are sold, and many offer self-stick properties or easy sew-on options. Customers will also find this in a wide variety of colors, sizes and thickness choices. Homeowners simply need to find a hidden spot to attach these fasteners which will usually be near the back and underside of the cushion for best end results.

Find a Large Wire Basket that Fits Cushions Inside for Simple Storage of Cushions Not in Use

Homeowners can also make use of convenient rubber or plastic storage bins crafted to hold your patio cushions when not in use. Some will find a more attractive storage option such as the mentioned painted metal or wire baskets. The important part is finding one capable of holding all of the cushions. The basket or container can also be fitted with a securing hook that can attach the basket to something heavier and larger nearby. These items can often be found at discount stores, and they are usually cheap in price.

Make Use of Protective Type Furniture Covers to Keep Groups of Items Close Together

If your current patio furniture tends to be lightweight, there are some fantastic protective furniture covers in a number of various sizes, materials and design styles. The object of these items are to push together lightweight pieces close together then covering the whole group of furniture under the tarp or cover. The cushions too will be secured and protected beneath the cover.

The corner edges of the draped cover material can be weighted down with sand bags and/or secured to each other or onto a bigger patio object. These protective covers are generally affordable, and this is an excellent way for homeowners who have lighter patio furnishings to secure.

Build a Wall Barrier or Plant Hedges to Naturally Block/Break Normal Wind Gusts

One of the best and most permanent way to keep your patio cushions safe and attached to furniture frames is to build a natural windbreaker like a wall or plant hedges tall enough and strategically placed to block the usual direction for any frequent wind gusts. Keep these shrubs trimmed neatly to give your patio an even better aesthetically pleasing design.

Final Tips

Homeowners will also be able to find innovative patio furniture and cushion clips, anchors or stakes to hold down those stubborn cushions and to keep the entire chair or other furniture piece from getting blown over or thrown far from their normal location. Bungee cords can also be used to stabilize and secure outdoor furniture and help keep the cushions where they belong.

Use some creativity and trial and error in order to find the best solution for blown away patio furniture cushions that will suit your exact needs. Using chairs able to be stacked up in a corner space can be another good trick to keep cushions and chair frames safe and anchored down. There are some lovely wooden fence options that could also be installed to help block stronger wind currents across your patio.

There are a number of weighted options too, and you can make your own sturdy sand bags or purchase one or more to make the furniture heavier and harder to knock over or slide away.

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